Our Physicians

Chart & Stethoscope

The best care

We have three physicians that work full time in our clinic, Monday to Friday

Dr. Simon Hudy

Dr. Philip Getting

Dr. Elham Yahyaee (Accepting new patients)

We have five more physicians that work part time hours, various days

Dr. Roehl Lopez - Mon to Thurs afternoons

Dr. Vincent Yuen - Mon, Wed, Fri mornings

Dr. Peter Chau - Tuesday mornings and Friday evenings

Dr. Edmond Liu - Alternate weekends

If you are looking for a new family physician, feel free too book a meet and greet appointment with any one of our Doctors to discuss the option. 

Hiring Part-Time Physician

Properties Medical Clinic is looking for part-time physicians to fill in our weekend shifts and some evenings.  This position is perfect for a semi-retired Doctor looking to keep active, or a newer Doctor looking to fill in their weekly schedule. 

Please contact Susan, Clinic Administration for more information. Phone: 403-280-2700